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The Fordham Undergraduate Research Journal, is a student-run journal that features high quality, peer-reviewed, original research conducted by undergraduate students in the sciences, humanities, and social sciences. The journal welcomes submissions from current Fordham students and recent graduates as well as students from other universities who conducted research at Fordham.

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The Agora is an online publication of Lynchburg College specializing in undergraduate student responses to the great books of the world. The Agora editor invites undergraduate students who are members of the Association of Core Texts and Courses (ACTC) to submit their work for consideration.

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The History of internet innovation starts from nineteen fifty’s with the invention of computers. This began with communication between main frame computers and terminals which later led to introduction of point- to- point links between computers then innovation of packet switching. Examples of packet switchers included:

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Common standards such as use of a common language has enabled internet innovation become a success. Since internet language is universal and easily understood, businesses can therefore create services and products that make use of the internet. This has led to technological competition since to thrive in the internet, every business has to make its products and services look more attractive than those of the competitor and it’s only a few mouse clicks away (SB-IRC, 7557).

College and high school students wishing to submit brief articles should first visit this page, http:///write-for-us/. We accept articles 7 pages or shorter concerning all aspects pertaining to global and historical connections.

The Journal of Research and Creative Studies is an online journal that fosters intellectual exchange, creativity, and the spirit of inquiry among Baldwin-Wallace students and staff by publishing their original research and other creative works. Submissions for the journal are accepted on a rolling basis.

Recognized and focused universities of every kind have introduced essential courses in the web by use of pedestrian sometimes. Colleges and universities that have slowly and technically adapted to the internet way of doing their old job in a new technique have well made it where gaudy business types and large private schools have not (Education Week, 7566).

The Lethbridge Undergraduate Research Journal is an online journal in which undergraduate students can publish their academic papers. It is run by and for undergraduate students. The . is international in scope and welcomes papers from all undergraduates. Papers are accepted at all times. New issues are released approximately every 9 months.

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