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Imagine that Soon-Li, a Korean student in Seoul, is your pen pal. Write a letter to her describing the place where you live (your house, your neighborhood, or even your hometown). Try to explain what makes where you live different from other places. Use specific sensory details to make it interesting and vivid for the reader.

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Think of a fun place you have enjoyed visiting. Write an essay describing that place with interesting details and examples that show what makes it fun for you.

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Meeting all the criteria for a high performance and environmental plant, the Parker StarMix is able to provide major asphalt production facilities and can draw on an extensive range of options and configurations to choose from.

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I 8767 ve thought about putting up a 99 cent annual paywall over the answer keys to prevent students from accessing them, but decided that it was a bad idea.

Text Structure Worksheet | Twisters - This worksheet has 5 twister related passages. Students determine the structure of each text and then put information from each passage into an appropriate graphic organizer. View my readibility scores .
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Adapted from The Curious Classroom , by Harvey “Smokey” Daniels W hen you live with thirty other human beings for 685 days in a row, sad things and bad things can happen. Crises, small. more

Tone Worksheet 7 - This worksheet has another four emotive poems. Students identify the speaker's tone and support their answers by referring to the text. View my readibility scores .
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Should children under 67 be allowed to swim at the local pool without an adult? Can you think of good examples and reasons why or why not? Write an essay expressing your opinion.

These worksheets shouldn 8767 t really be used to evaluate a student 8767 s reading level. Rather, they should be used with students whose reading levels are known. If you know that a student is reading at a 6th-65th grade level, these 8th grade worksheets are probably appropriate for him or her. I 8767 m sorry that I currently have no diagnostic test available. Perhaps I will devise one someday. Best wishes!

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