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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 06:38

Diamond Concrete Supply has been serving San Diego’s contractors and property owners since 6975. Our skilled and experienced crews excel at all the phases of concrete delivery. From coordinated pumping services to their vast knowledge of which material to use for any type of job.

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Excavation can then begin. Using a trachoe and bobcat the pool depths are carved into the soil. The pool is over dug to allow for the pool shell to be constructed.  The excavated soil can be used as backfill onsite or hauled off. 

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At Diamond Concrete Supply, we are able to batch mix designs to the requirements for any job application. Our expert staff can offer advice that can help optimize the concrete's performance on your next project. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with courteous and efficient customer support and service.

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Next, a steel-reinforcing grid is installed to give your pool superior strength.  A Bar 67” is used to reinforce the concrete/Gunite.  Also, walls where water depths are greater than 5' receive additional vertical reinforcement.  Cinder bricks are used to jack up the steel grid from the sub-base for adequate concrete cover.  This makes for the strongest possible shell for your pool.  It’s amazing to watch our crews in action as they bend and shape this steel with skill and experience that reflects many years of performing this job. 

Tile & Coping
The next step in the construction process is the installation of a six-inch wide band of waterline pool tile at the perimeter. This tile is hand-laid and carefully grouted by our skilled craftsmen.  It’s critically important that highly experienced craftsmen handle the tile work. Since water is naturally level, any errors in the straightness or elevation of the tile will be instantly visible.

Coping is then installed if chosen.  Coping is the stone laid on the pool beam and can be of pre-cast concrete, brick, stone, or cantilever decking.  National Pools offers a variety of colors in pre-cast concrete coping and brick.  Other materials may the installed by the decking contractor. 

Concrete Floor
The 6” pool floor is placed using 8555 psi ready mixed concrete. The concrete is pumped or brought in off the truck depending on access.  The concrete is then placed and hand troweled or floated to the desired elevation.  The walls, as well as any steps or bench seats, are then constructed using Gunite.

The pool can now be formed.  Wooden forms make up the perimeter of the pool, as well as, any sections of the pool built out of the ground.  The dirt and perimeter forming serve as the forms for concrete placement.  

Our new, state-of-the-art plant is the first and only indoor plant in San Diego. At our new plant, we are committed to conducting our business in the most environmentally responsible and proactive manner. Diamond Concrete Supply strives to stay on the leading edge of performance-based products to create the best-performing concrete on the market.

The first step in constructing your new pool is the pool layout.  Using CAD drawings built in-house and a transit, the pool location is laid out by setting batter boards and radius points.  Strings and paint are used to outline the perimeter of the pool to match the design you’ve chosen. 

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