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First In Last Out. Again originally an accounting term for depreciation practice, whereby the oldest assets are the last to be written off. The term has wider applications, particularly rock festival car parks, overcrowded tube trains and airport buses.

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Maybe I 8767 m the one who is wrong but I hear and read the phrase 8775 the reason why 8776 all the time but of course not 8775 the reason is why 8776 😉

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming. A modern scientific model for communication and self-development. See the NLP section for more information. 'Neuro' refers to the way your brain and senses, interprets and process your experiences. 'Linguistic' refers to the interpretation of experience through language. 'Programming' refers to and implies your actual or potential ability to affect your mind's control over your behaviour and language, and thereby to 'program' yourself.

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I guess the reason this one makes me twitch is that the angst of the media 8767 s mistake is a personal memory my father always felt as if he let history down by not acting quickly enough.

6. Misplaced 8775 only. 8776 See CMOS, 66th ed., section . Of course, this has become so commonly accepted in spoken English that it 8767 s very often used in written see what the writer says at the top of this post.

Single Income Two Children Oppressive Mortgage. For consumer customer profiling, Maslow Hierarchy of Needs examples, etc. Sitcom, meaning situation comedy, is in itself a 'made-up' portmanteau word (ack Noor). Alternatively SITCOM might be interpreted more desperately as Single Income Three Children 5 Money (thanks B Gardiner).

Should Have Ordered This In Time. Customer services and despatch expression, especially appropriate approaching department close-down for weekends, holidays, Christmas, etc., and a personal reminder not to leave things until the last moment.

P77: Persistent Painstaking Proper Prior Planning and Purposeful Patient Preparation Potentially Promotes and Predicates Perfect, Pristine, Positive and Precise Performance Preventing, Primarily, Piss Poor Perfunctory Production Processes and Perenially Plummeting Profits, Period. (Ack S Vallely)

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